The 135th Gavel Meeting was held on 29th December at 5.00 pm onwards at Hall 215, Sumanadasa Building.  This was a new form of meeting. It was named as “Speech Marathon Meeting” where only prepared speeches were delivered.   8 members delivered their projects as follows.
Hansani                – Ice breaker
Pasan                    – 4th project – “Baka Baka”
Dilhasha               – Ice breaker
Hasini                    – Rs 100/= and pink lipstick
Niles                      – 8th project -“The hub”
Visal                       – Ice breaker
Amjath                 -2nd project- “Perseverance”
Charitha               – Ice breaker 

This was a novel experience for the members where they had a chance to witness a bunch of great prepared speeches. Each and every speech had reached great heights in terms of their quality. It was great chance to gain experiences what are different aspects that can be used to add a value to a speech for those who were planning to take part in Speech Olympiad VI. A fun game conducted by Hasitha was able to bring more fun to the place. After the speech marathon two project co-chairs of the Speech Olympiad were called to explain the task allocation of the event. After that the meeting was called to order by the president Niles Perera.


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