151st Meeting

151st meeting of the Gavel Club was
held at 215, Sumanadasa Building on 08/10/2012  and commenced on 5 p.m. 
This was an evening meeting of the club. Toastmaster for the day
was Hasitha and the table topics session was conducted by our beloved president
Niles. Topics he had for the session were quite carefully crafted to suit the
audience. Grammarian for the day was Akalanka. Table topics were evaluated by Damith.
He filled the air with his philosophical evaluations of the speeches. Sachille
delivered his most anticipated 3rd prepared speech. And this speech
was evaluated by Speech Olympiad winner Pasan Pethiyagoda. He made sure that
Sachille will have quite a few tips to improve on carry with him. General
evaluator for the day was Amila. He pointed out several things which could have
done better to improve the quality of the meeting
Meeting Adjourned at 7 p.m.