165th Gavel Meeting

“A promise is a promise” –
Mr. President called the 165th meeting to order
by mentioning the UN theme of the Women’s day 2013. It was the “Women’s Day Meeting
at Gavel on 11th of March at 5.00 p.m in 215 Hall, Sumanadasa
building.  It was an exciting meeting
because both girls and boys had a lot to share about women.  Boys make fun as they criticize girls. Yet
they do appreciate the presence of women in their lives as mothers, as sisters
and of course as girl friends. Girls are definitely proud of being girls.
After the national anthem the President introduced the
toastmaster for that special day.  She
was the ideal person for the toastmaster because she is known as the feminist
of the club. It was none other than Hasini Abeywickrama. According to the
procedures role players were introduced. Round robin session topic had two
versions. “In girls’ shoes” for boys and “how I see girls” for girls. Everyone
pointed out how important it is the presence of women in their lives.
After warming up their voices the audience was ready for the
table topic session. Toastmaster called upon the Table topic master, again a
female representation in the club, Sandareka Wickramanayake. The gathering was
so enthusiastic to express their ideas. Many valuable and interesting thoughts
did come up.
“Equality should be in every aspect..” ,
“No need of women’s day because it is an insult for them” ,
“Women are not hard to understand, men just need a little
bit of literature!” were a few of them.
Most of the speakers took more than 3 minutes for their
table topic speeches; it might be because they had a lot to share. It was
really enjoyable. 
After evaluation reports control was handed over back to the
toastmaster. Since there was no prepared speeches after having grammarian’s
report and general evaluator’s report toast master’s duty came to the end.
Then a small game was conducted by the president. After that
Women’s Meeting 2013 was adjourned by the President.