166th Gavel Meeting

It was time to have a normal
meeting for the Gavel family after having a series of themed meetings. 166th
Gavel meeting was held at Postgraduate Training Room in the 3rd
floor of the ENTC Building on March 21st, 2013, from 5.00 p.m. onwards. The
President commenced the meeting and everyone stood up for the national
Toastmaster was Charith Akalanka, an
enthusiastic member of the club. After introducing the role players, the round
robin session commenced. The toastmaster stated that he would not give an
introduction to the topic and he invited the audience to tell whatever comes to
their minds when they hear the word “Maththala”. This session was full of humor.
Then it was time to have the table topic
session. Imesh Prathiba, another emerging active member in the club played the
role of table topics master for the first time in his gavel story. A good set
of topics were displayed and everyone came forward to express their ideas.
After the evaluators’ reports, control was handed over to the toastmaster.
Since there were no prepared speeches, the toastmaster handed over the Gavel to
the President. The meeting was adjourned by the President.