167th Gavel Meeting

February and March are the most awaited and the most excited
months in boys’ school calendars, just because it is the big match season.
Boys, old boys, family members and friends all gather in numbers to grounds not
only to witness an excited cricket encounter but also most importantly to
witness “the big match fun”.  So why
don’t we share such wonderful experiences in Gavel? It was the big match
meeting at Gavel on 25th of March 2013 at 5 p.m. in hall 215,
Sumanadasa Building.
The President commenced the 3rd consecutive big
match meeting. After the national anthem, the Toastmaster for that special
meeting was declared.  Of course the
Toastmaster was an enthusiastic member of the club, and was the one and only
Anandian in that audience, Vibhanu Arachchige. After the introduction of role
players the round robin topic was raised. The topic was “Going to the big with
your girl friend/boy friend”. Most of the members of the house suggested that
it is not going to work.  After a funny
session Table Topic Master was called upon. A big match fan for the sake of the
word was invited to take the control and we got to know that he had wonderful
experiences in big matches. The person was Sirimevna Jayasundara. He came up
with a great set of topics. Boys in the audience were really enthusiastic to
put their experiences into words. After a joyful session the control was handed
over to the Toastmaster. The gathering was really lucky to witness two brilliant
speeches by two experienced speakers in the club, one by Hasini Abeywikrama and
another one by Dinesh Kenady. Simply they were amazing.  After having the evaluations of those
speeches, another excited meeting came to the end.
The president adjourned the 167th meeting.