169th Gavel Meeting

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers!”
an adorable flyer invited Gavel members to wake up their sweet and lovely
memories of their mothers. Mothers’ Day at Gavel, the 169th Gavel
meeting was held at room no 215, Sumanadasa building on 16th of May
2013. The President, Pasan Pethiyagode called the meeting to order. Everyone
rose for the national anthem. Then the introduction for the meeting was given
by the President. Next the Toastmaster for the Mothers’ Day meeting was called
upon to the stage. The Toastmaster was an inspired member as well as an emerging
speaker of the club, Vibhanu Archchige. Taking everyone all the way down in the
memory lane he put up the round robin topic as “The day I made my mother
smile…” Everyone had their different stories to be shared. Then in order to
conduct the table topic session the Table Topic Master was introduced. He was
none other than the current guider of the Gavel family beloved Mr. President.
Since one hour, one day or even one year is not enough to express our feelings
and gratitude towards our mothers, stage was not able to take rest for a second
at the table topic session. After taking the evaluators’ reports of that
session, the Toastmaster took the control of the meeting again. Then the
Grammarian’s report and General Evaluator’s report were presented to the
meeting. After that the Gavel was handed over back to the President.


It was the end of another wonderful Gavel meeting.