170th Gavel Meeting

The 170th Gavel Meeting was held on 20th
May at 5.00 pm onwards at Hall 215, Sumanadasa Building.
Role players for this meeting were as bellow:
Toast Master – Sajith Asanka
Topic Master – Samawath Mallawachchi
 Timer- Vibhanu
 Ah counter – Sirimevan
Grammarian – Hasini Abeywickrama
CL Evaluator- Pasan Pethiyagode
Table Topic Evaluator – Dinesh Kenady
General Evaluator – Charith Akalanka  
Gavel family again got to gather to voice their thoughts. As the
normal proceeding the meeting was called to order by the President, Pasan
Pethiyagode. The gathering was asked to rise for the national anthem. Then to
conduct the meeting the Gavel was handed over to the Toastmaster for the day,
Sajith. After introducing the role players, the round robin session was
conducted on the topic “Do you
hate exams” Then the author of the club, Samawath was called upon to the
stage to conduct the table topic session. 
He had come up with interesting set of topics. All most everyone raised
their voice. After taking the evaluations control was given back to the
Toastmaster. Then time was for Grammarian’s report and Genera Evaluator’s

Another wonderful gathering 
of Gavel members came to the end.