171st Gavel Meeting

The 171st meeting was another milestone of the
Gavel history, because Gavel family was early waiting to welcome its new
members from ’12 batch. The meeting was held at 4.00 pm at room 215, Sumanadasa
building on 10th of June 2013. It was the inaugural meeting for ’12
batch. The room was packed with new faces. All of them were really enthusiastic
to get to know what the Gavel club is and how a Gavel meeting would be preceded.
The role players for the day were as follows:
Toastmaster – Nirmala Liyanachchi
Topic Master – Imesh LihiniKaduarchchi
 Timer- Vibhanu Arachchige
Ah counter – Sajith Asanka
Grammarian – Hasini Abeywickrama
CL Evaluator- Isuru Pasan
Table Topic Evaluator I- Damith Senanayake
Table Topic Evaluator II- Sachille Athapaththu
Prepared Speech Evaluator – Pasan Pethiyagode
General Evaluator – Sandareka Wickramanayake

The President of the club, Pasan Pethiyagode called the
meeting to order and asked everyone to stand up for the national anthem. Then
he gave a brief introduction for the Gavel club – what the Gavel is, what
someone can gain from being a member and so on. 
After that following the proceedings, the Toastmaster for this special
meeting was introduced. He was the music personal of the club, Niramala
Liyanachchi. The Toastmaster called each role player to introduce
himself/herself. Letting the new crowd to get a clear idea about each role,
every role player explained his/her role in a descriptive manner. Then time was
to warm up the gathering – round robin session. “The girl/boy next to you at
the two by to line” was raised as the round robin session in this special
meeting. As usual the room was filled with laughter in this session. Then began
the grand show of the day: Table Topic Session. It was amazing to see how new
comers grab each and every chance to raise their voices. The audience was
enriched with different views and thoughts. Topics Master would have done a
great job in selecting such an array of topics that everyone was encouraged to
talk. Unfortunately this session had to be closed because we were running out
of time. Then the prepared speech session was supposed to be held. New comers
were really impressed by a fabulous speech done by Dinesh Kenady, an
experienced model speaker of the time. After all another memorable meeting was
adjourned by the President.