256th Meeting

By Kasun Samavath Mallawarachchi Rarely do we get the opportunity to have a Distinguished Toastmaster participate in a Gavel meeting, and the 256th meeting was one such rare occasion. Toastmaster Srianthie Salgado, […]

255th Meeting

By Malith Jayaweera After the semi-finals of Speech Olympiad IX, the time had come for another wonderful Gavel meeting. The Toastmaster, Chamanthi Jayaweera, started the round robin session by mentioning […]

254th Meeting

By Chathuranga Amunugama Blank white board without topics! Aren’t we going to talk about something?? The worst nightmare a Gavelier could experience!!   Demonstrating the quote “The difference between ordinary and […]

251st Meeting

By Niluxsi Puvanenthiran A few weeks ago, Malith Jayaweera sarcastically stated that Gavel discriminated men and questioned how Gaveliers could forget fathers’ day while they extravagantly celebrated women’s day and […]

248th Meeting

By Kasun Samavath Mallawarachchi “There are three kinds of people in Gavel Club, people who take things from the Gavel Club but never give anything back, people who give things back to […]