238th Meeting: Women’s day meeting

By Rochelle Silva

Designed by: Samadhi Poornima

“You can run behind and set your eyes on all the possibilities and opportunities. But can you think of a person who has the capability of following her dreams, but would opt to comport your dreams? Only a woman can do that. Only your mother can do that for you. Only your mother can do that for your father”, said Chamanthi Jayaweera, the Toastmaster for the day, as she began the proceedings of a historic Women’s Day themed meeting. Marking the start of a new era for the club under the newly appointed president, Vibhanu Osanka Arachchige, the 238th meeting of the Gavel Club was successfully held on 19th March 2015 at ENTC1, Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.


During the round robin session, the Gaveliers voiced their thoughts on the biggest sacrifice they have made in their lives. Many of them took the chance to appreciate the sacrifices others have made for them. It was followed by a lively Table Topics session headed by Piyumi Bandaranayake, who had prepared an excellent set of topics. Staying in line with the theme of the day, many spoke about the ladies without whom “every home, every heart, every moment and every feeling of happiness would be incomplete”. Be it through the loving caress of a mother, an encouraging word from a teacher, an act of kindness from a sister or a smile from a lady friend, our lives are made much more beautiful, and it was one of the best days to be grateful for all that “she” has been.

The thorough and uplifting evaluations made by Merl Chandana and Vibhanu Arachchige offered valuable insights to all present. Taking examples from the speakers they elaborated on the nuances that add value to a speech. As the role players’ reports were read and proceedings of the day came to a close, the President reminded the audience about the upcoming All Island Best Speaker Contest, one of the most prestigious competitions in the country.

With the strength of 238 meetings behind us and with the promise of many more to cherish with the Gavel family, a place where we truly belong, we dispersed with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

The role players for the day

Project chair- Samadhi Poornima Kumarasinghe
Toastmaster – Chamanthi Jayaweera
Table Topics Master – Piyumi Bandaranayake
Timer – Ama Kalpani
Ah Counter – Lihini Dinushika
Grammarian – Kasun Samavath Mallawarachchi
General Evaluator – Hasara de Silva
CL Evaluator – Vibhanu Osanka Arachchige
Table Topics Evaluator I – Merl Chandana
Table Topic Evaluator II – Vibhanu Osanka Arachchige