247th Meeting

By Janith Dissanayake



What is the hardest thing to do in this world? For many people, it is saying good bye to a person who drew smiles across so many faces; a wonderful soul whose very existence around us laid a solid foundation on which we could even build another Coliseum. With nostalgic feelings mimicking memorable memories about “Channa ayya”, 247th gavel meeting was commenced by the president Vibhanu  Arachchige after which the round robin session started, allowing yearning hearts of Gaveliers to bid farewell to one of the most influential characters of our Gavel family.

What would we say to our best friend if he or she is going to leave the country forever? A sage would say it’s something that you have dig up from your deep heart’s core as cognition in such an instance fades away like dew when exposed to sunlight in the presence of words pouring out from your heart. “O dear friend go with our blessings but please come back” was the muted message that surfaced during an emotional round robin session.

No matter how hard we clung on to our parents hands when we were kids, they let us go on our own to school to be the person we are destined to be. Like those kids, we Gaveliers had to bid farewell as he left the country for two years for higher education. After a cake was cut and memoirs were presented to Channa Gunasekera on behalf of the whole club and the CIMA GBC 2015 winning team which he mentored, we departed with the hopes of meeting our fellow Gaveliers at the 248th meeting.

The role players for the day247_2

Toastmaster – Nuran Arachchi

Table Topics Master – Chamanthi Jayaweera

Timer – Dinuka Salwathura

Ah Counter – Rochelle Silva                                                                                             20150604_192508

Grammarian – Piyumi Bandaranayake

General Evaluator – Kithmini Senevirathne
Table Topics Evaluator I –Channa Gunasekera

Table Topic Evaluator II – Vibhanu Osanka Arachchige