262nd Meeting


By Ama Kalpani

“The best of times are always found when friends and family gather around.” It was another Wednesday where Gavel family got together for the 262nd time for another remarkable meeting.

President Vibhanu Arachchige commenced the meeting at the usual place, PG seminar room of ENTC, and the proceedings were started after the national anthem led by Chamanthi.

Next the President handed over the meeting to the Toastmaster, one of the enthusiastic members of the club who had achieved a lot through the club, who was none other than Piyumi Bandaranayake. A successful round robin session was conducted by our Toastmaster under the topic “exams”, which is very much related to us as university students. The terrific stresses of exams as well as the post plans after exams were voiced out in this session.

The Table Topics master for the day was another dedicated member of the club, Insaf Ismath. He came up with a blend of wonderful topics and made the stage for speakers saying “In every horse race, it’s not about the horse but the rider. So make the rider proud!”

Making the rider proud, our president, Vibhanu Arachchige broke the silence. Believe in yourself and be confident. That’s how Vibhanu won his mother-in-law and the father-in-law although the first time is always the hardest. Chamanthi Jayaweera added more color to the meeting through her personal experience in the university highlighting that it’s not over until she wins.

Little things matter a lot. Of course yes! But Piyumi Bandaranayake twisted it and came up with the idea “Sometimes the big picture matters than little things.” There’s no love as everlasting as parent’s love towards their children. But it is the same love and care that hurts a lot. It’s Sachini who said “Sometimes too much caring hurts a lot.”

“No woman, No cry.” It was Chathuranga Amunugama who spoke about this topic asking the fellow members to change the attitude of thinking about it. “Did anyone think for a while how important the lone pairs of electrons of Oxygen are for human beings? ” That was how Shehan Avindra grabbed the stage recalling how those two or three words of a Gavelier changed his life, again highlighting “little things do matter.”

Women do make us smile. No matter what, there is a woman behind every smile. Hashan Rahubaddha brought the idea to be courageous and develop manhood to say no to “No women, no cry.” Next was Thilina Madumal who spoke about “where is your winning point?”, elaborating the story of The Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

If you had your own way…What would you do? “I’ll change the world and make the people enjoy their lives.” Those were Shenali’s words. At last but not least, the storyteller of the club Mohamed Athif said that life is a spectrum and a collection of amazing stories.

Yes. Indeed! Life is a collection of amazing stories. And we Gaveliers get together in every possible way to make our own stories colorful, wonderful and exciting.

Marking the end of a fantabulous table topics session Nuran Arachchi and Vibhanu Arachchige evaluated the speeches giving valuable tips for all the members to improve.

Another glorious gavel meeting was adjourned with a small note about the Gavel outbound training and the Gavel conference.

Role players of the day

Toastmaster : Piyumi Bandaranayake

Table Topics master : Insaf Ismath

Timer : Chathuranga Amunugama

Ah counter: Mohamed Athif

General Evaluator : Shehan Avindra

Grammarian : Ama Kalpani

Table Topic Evaluators : Nuran Arachchi, Vibhanu Arachchige