265th Meeting

By Rochelle Silva

“What makes this world so beautiful?”

“What’s the best method to improve higher education?”

“Why is Enrique Iglesias so lovable?”

If you were at the 265th Gavel meeting, you would have found the answers to those questions and much more.

The meeting kicked off with a reminder from our beloved Mr. President about the upcoming Gavel orientation and the outbound training program (fondly known as “The trip”). Then he introduced the Toastmaster of the day, Banujan Balaskandan, one of the first members of the club from batch ’11 and a person who loves the club very much.

The Round Robin session was the perfect time for the Gaveliers to voice out their opinions on the much heated topic of “private universities”. Some argued that state universities should be developed while others went on to suggest a proper higher education policy. “100% free education is the solution”, some Gaveliers emphasized. After a good debate of ideas, it was time for the Table Topics Master to take the stage. Theshani Nuradha, whom Banujan described as a lady who could be seen at any speech competition, went on to describe a list of great table topics.

Vibhanu spoke on the topic of “notifications”. He went on to describe how one FB notification stood out among the diverse and special notifications he received on his birthday. As he commented on the views about Private Medical Colleges, he stressed that one should always have an open mind. Lihini spoke on another side of “notifications” with an emotional story about how we sometimes neglect our own family.

“What makes your heart flutter? What makes this world so beautiful? It’s curiosity. That’s why not knowing what will happen, not knowing whom you’ll fall in love with, not knowing what exams you’ll face, is fun- just like reading a thrilling new book”, Hashan elaborated lucidly.

Athif enlightened the audience about the happiness that comes from helping others to grow rather than focusing only on grades. “People are like infinity, Even if you add or subtract a little from them, they won’t change” was a powerful message he shared. Samavath too had plenty to share about the happiness he found at the university. His stories about achieving the “often-said-to-be-impossible” goals left the audience laughing, yet inspired. To Banujan, happiness and bliss was being content with what he got in life.

Both Praveen and Chathuranga shared experiences about how failure shaped their lives through tough learning and friends who stood by them. Kasun expressed his desire for a miracle while speaking in a commendably humorous manner on the topic “miracles happen every day”. “My heart beats for you” exclaimed Wimali as she gave a passionate speech about Enrique Iglesias and his upcoming tour. Rochelle spoke about finding oneself in the middle of nowhere.

After detailed and thorough evaluations by the committed role players, the club witnessed the third Competent Communicator project by Samavath. He turned his usual opening about his novel into a masterpiece about waiting for the right time, be it in love, entrepreneurship or basically anything in life.

After some more evaluations the President adjourned the meeting. While jauntiness permeated the air and hopes of a delectable treat filled the surroundings, the ever-charming Gaveliers dispersed with renewed energy.

Role players for the day

Toastmaster – Banujan Balaskandan

Table Topics Master – Theshani Nuradha

Timer – Praveen Kumarasinghe

Ah counter – Wimali Galgamuwage

Grammarian – Lihini Dinushika

General Evaluator – Chathuranga Amunugama

Table topics evaluators – Vibhanu Arachchige, Sirimevan Jayasundera

Prepared Speech Evaluator– Sirimevan Jayasundera

Table Topics

  1. Did you know that I once…
  2. If you were given a second chance
  3. It was a beautiful year
  4. Not all who wander are lost
  5. We learn little from victory, much from defeat
  6. My heart beats for you
  7. Miracles happen everyday
  8. Notifications
  9. If you want a friend, be a friend
  10. Without wood a fire goes out