352nd Gavel Meeting and Valentine’s Day Celebration: Love is in the air!

By Navodini Wijethilake


Valentine’s is a day that most lovers eagerly wait for and most singles dream of celebrating next year. Whether you are a lover or not, as Gaveliers we all wait for Valentine’s just because this special meeting gives us a moment to share our love stories with everyone.

On this very special day, I was rambling towards the PG seminar room. I could smell the love, because love was in the air with pink hearts hanging everywhere.

Valentines Flyer 2018

Our President, Chathuranga, welcomed us all by sharing his views on Valentines and love.

Then the control was handed over to our dearest Toastmaster, Chathumi, who grabbed the attention of the audience with her charming smile. After the introduction of the role players, the most awaited moment for the singles of the club arrived. Well, it was the Round Robin session.

Everyone pulled out a name in random from a pouch which contained the names of each and every person who attended the meeting. As a special twist to this session, the proposal had to start with the first letter of the name they received.

First it was Chinthana, who had to embarrassingly propose a girl who was in the same class with him in his first year. Later many boys got the chance to propose boys, while a lucky few got girls. Kavindu was over joyed to propose to Lihini, bringing back old memories. Lihini got the chance to propose Malee, who was her classmate during her school days. Kithmin, who is a was afraid of picking a girl’s name but luckily he got a boy. Some girls got the opportunity to bro-zone the guy who asked them to be his valentine. All were giggling throughout the session.

Then the Table Topic round began with a brief introduction to all the topics by Dineth, the Table Topics Master.

It was Dulinda, who first shared his thoughts about love. Asitha, shared his love history saying, “The early bird catches worm, so do not take time to ask the person you love out”.  Our President, Chathuranga, too shared his thoughts about love. The Mighty Kasun, who was worried about  not having someone to celebrate Valentines, got the chance to share his love towards the Gavel Club and his affection towards the stage.

After the Table Topics session, it was time for the Evaluator’s reports. ‘Infatuation’, the word of the day had infatuated the entire Gavel family.

This wonderful meeting came to a close, with a delightful birthday treat from Lihini, our own Vice President Education.

Love was in the air and it still is.

Role Players

Project Chairs: Chathumi Thambovila, Dineth Mudalige
Toastmaster: Chathumi Thambovila
Table Topics Master: Dineth Mudalige
General Evaluator: Kasun Ranasinghe
Ah Counter: Akmal Javadd
Timer: Uvindu Avishka
Grammarian: Vinu Maddumage
Table Topics Evaluators: Malindi Jayathunga, Chamod  Wijayasekera.

Table Topics

  1. Love is in the air.
  2. Spending Valentine’s Day on a noble cause.
  3. Is Valentine’s Day really necessary?
  4. Candy is sweet but love is sweeter.
  5. Everything is fair in war and love.
  6. Love at first sight.
  7. Love is not only something you receive but also something you offer.
  8. Early bird catches the worm.
  9. Love is not love which alters when it finds alterations.
  10. Love yourself before telling ‘I love you’.