Alumni Reunion and 335th Gavel Meeting

By Navodini Wijethilake

All of us like to recollect our school memories, don’t we? That is just because we are still university students! But once we step out from this phenomenal place, undoubtedly we will feel nostalgic! Not only for our alma mater but also for our Gavel family.

This day was for them! For all our alumni members who wanted to join hands together to recall hundreds among millions of their memories.

It was around 2.30 pm when everyone was gathering towards the Lagaan to welcome our alumni members. Harsha’s very own impressive handiwork added more colors to the arena. What did the alumni members get first when they stepped in? Obviously, it was a colour ribbon, and a “YOU SHOULD NOT LOSE THIS” threat from our project co-chair Yasoda! For a split moment, alumni and members were chit-chatting, until Kasun barged in and dragged them into red, yellow and blue teams.

The challenge was ready! What do we have to do? Everyone was curious. Clues were given to each and every group! Boys started running while girls were rambling. The first clue Yellow Team got was ‘Bus canteen’. Kavindu was waiting there with another clue and a photograph! Then the next clue was given directing to the ‘Chemical Meda Midula’ and Bahavan was there waiting for us! Next was the ‘Lagaan’ and eventually we got misled and ran to the Civil department! But no one was there. We could see Vibhanu running for Olympics and Asitha deliberately rolling behind him! Then we could see the Yellow Team running to the tennis court. Senali and Randima were there and it was a puzzle to solve! Eventually Chamanthi, Samadhi and the team members managed to solve it. Downwards it said ‘Room 215’, the destination. All were sprinting towards the room 215 to take the crown along with the photographs they had collected! But Red and Blue teams were already there!

All were exhausted after running here and there all over the university, so it was time to fill our tummies!  At the same moment some were busy pasting the photos on the wall!

Afterwards, the winning team was announced. Team Red were the champions and they got a big wrapped box with a small wrapped box inside and it was Choco Fingers!

Then it was time to recall some special incidents that happened in the Gavel history! Yasoda was on the stage with some questions!

The starting year of the Gavel Club of UoM?

The year in which the 150thmeeting was held?

Tagline of SO VII?

And many more questions.

All were surfing the internet and discussing to find the answers! Meanwhile Gimhani, Samadhi, Vibhanu and Chamanthi were striving against Dileepa, Akalanka, Thilina and Erangi!

Design Credits : Yasoda Gamage
Design Credits : Yasoda Gamage

It was around 5 pm and we were supposed to start the meeting! Piyumi, Madam President, welcomed everyone once again and it was followed by the singing of the national anthem.

A past president of the Gavel Club, Erangi was the Toastmaster of the day! Then it was time for the Round Robin session: ‘What made me stay in Gavel?’. Everyone had different reasons to stay here. For some boys it was girls and for some girls it was boys! For many, it was the down to earth seniors they had in this Gavel family. Although Gimhani, Samadhi, Chamanthi and some others had so much to say, the Timer kept ringing the bell after 20 seconds, drowning everyone in laughter.

The Table Topic session was captivating with an impressive personality in Gavel, with a former Vice President, Kanna, as the Table Topics Master.

Thilina started the Table Topics session with “Never say I don’t know”. Next it was Merl who talked about the most memorable photograph and the monster behind it. It was none other than the Project Co-chair Yasoda. Akalanka was next up, to forecast that Trump would not be able to run Gavel and probably will get fired. Then it was this sensational lady, who had more than enough words to share with the Gavel family, Chamanthi. ‘Never say ‘I don’t know’, add more flavors’ is what she convinced. Dileepa convinced the house that Trump cannot run the Gavel Club.

Then Vibhanu talked about Gavel to coach SL cricket, by sharing how Gavel stayed by his side through ups and downs in his life. Sasanka who had repeated ‘Real Analysis’ module recalled his memories with the room 215. Next, our Madam President, Piyumi, told everyone why she stayed at Gavel. Then it was Shehan who had many things to say to many Gaveliers. His speech grabbed the attention making the audience rolling in the aisles. Samadhi talked about many Gaveliers, who had their own uniqueness through their philosophical yet weird ideas. She admitted that you will never get the same answer from two Gaveliers.

Timal convinced that Gavel made his ‘No, I don’t know’ to ‘I don’t know yet, but I’ll figure out later’. Yasir inspired the meeting acting out Rajinikanth which grabbed the attention of the audience. Then it was Malith who shared his post-university experience and how the gym persuaded him to be a mentally strong person. The suggestion of a weight gainer to given by the Table Topics Master made the audience burst out in laughter. “Never say no” is what Kithmini shared with us.

Later, Channa shared his memories and how he repeated the Real Analysis module. It was more like repeating ‘Real analysis’ module will help you to be a great Gavelier! Finally, it was Hasindu who acted out how Alumni members will react if they were supposed to be Sri Lankan cricket coaches. It was an enjoyable wind-up for the Table Topics session.

Friendship straddling generations captured in pixels
Friendship spanning generations captured in pixels. Photo Credits – Media Club, University of Moratuwa

The Ah Counter’s report and the Timer’s report were followed by Channa’s Evaluation for odd-numbered Table Topics Speeches. Evaluation for even numbers was done by Chamath.

Next the Gavel was handed over back to the Toastmaster, Erangi. The Grammarian’s report was delivered. The word of the day had been used several times and some grammar mistakes were pointed out.

Vibhanu, the General Evaluator for the day, did a great job with a descriptive evaluation, stressing out that the General Evaluator’s job is very important for the meetings.

The control was given back to the President to conclude the meeting officially. This remarkable meeting was followed by a sweet musical evening and a dinner of delicious pizzas.

Role Players

Project chairs: Yasoda Gamage, Kasun Udara

Toastmaster:  Erangi de Costa

Table Topics Master:  Chathuranga Kannangara

General Evaluator:  Vibhanu Arachchige

Ah Counter:  Imesh Lihinikaduarachchi

Timer: Mohamed Yasir

Grammarian: Charith Akalanka

Table Topics Evaluators:  Chamath Jayaweera and Channa Gunasekera

Table Topics

  1. Never say “I don’t know” here.
  2. Trump can/cannot run Gavel
  3. The most memorable moment in Gavel
  4. I had that thing to a Gavelier
  5. Not closed, but a close group
  6. Gavel to coach Sri Lanka cricket
  7. I never forget that photo