Meetings we had infact this was the 93rd, but never have v had to light our self with candles due to neccasity rather than design. This meeting suddenly converted to one in a life time gavel meeting.
Our normal meeting place the textile auditorium was refused to be given by the textile department at the last moment and we were stranded.

CSE was not possible so v went to the spare open place near the tennis court. Due to the tennis and volley practices it was way too noisy and distractive.
Finally we decided to go the open place in the top of our main canteen(goda). We sat under a starry sky lit by stars and thus started a historical meeting for the club.
Prez had some candles with her so once darkness fell the stars were aided with the nice red candles lit , to show us the stage.
Round robin session topic was big matches and so was the meeting’s.
It was great fun. Topics had to be written on a sheet of paper and passed around as their was no white board. niles did a great job as the topics master.
Whilst the meeting progressed, we were served with drinks and biscuits for refreshment awesome, thus the attendance of 30 odd members was not surprising 😉 . Should do that every day and membership may yet grow over hundred.
Great ice breaker by praveen and great evaluation of his speech by harry.
The highlight of the meeting was the table topics evaluation by Channa. Unlike other times his evaluation was very frank and bored to the bone all the vices of the speakers, as far as my opininon goes that is what needs to be done for all seniors speakers speeches as we need an evaluation to improve ourselves , the evaluation of devoid of any false praises and clearly defined what went wrong and right. Great job channa.
Meeting ended at 7.45 after a briefing by harry and channa on the CIMA global bussiness challenge.

ps: the table was a 4 foot tall concrete column and the gavel broke when hit against it


2 thoughts on “The candle lit meeting – number 93

  1. Oho… Seems to be a great meeting.. I saw the video of Channa and Harry speaking about Global challenge. I can't remember whether the video was on the blog or on FB. Was just wondering why it was blacked out. Could only hear the voices. 😀 Any way great initiative Gaveliers. Keep up the good work despite all the barriers..

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