Educational Meetings

Educational Meetings are a great way to hone your speaking, listening and leadership skills. After all “practice makes it perfect!”

An educational meeting consists of four basic parts:

Round Robin session: As a warm-up session to the upcoming sessions, all members are encouraged to speak for approximately 20 seconds on a topic selected by the Toastmaster.

Table Topics: In this segment, members not otherwise scheduled as program participants have an opportunity to present one to two-minute impromptu talks.

Prepared speeches: During this portion of the meeting, several members present speeches based on projects in the Competent Communication and Advanced Communication manuals.

Evaluations: Each prepared/ impromptu speech and leadership role is verbally evaluated by a fellow member in a helpful, constructive manner using given evaluation criteria. In addition, the evaluators provide written evaluations for the Competent Leadership and Competent Communication manuals upon request.

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