Meeting minutes first board meeting

Namal– Treasure

This was the first meeting of the new board. The main objective of the meeting was to decide on a Gavel calendar of this year.
The first point to be discussed was the gavel trip which had been postponed for over two months. The dates were finalized as July 4th and 5th. Finally a project chair was appointed to coordinate the event. According to the agenda the next issue was to discuss about the T-shirt which was to be given to the members. Ajanthan was appointed as the project chair. The next issue was the joint club project proposed to be co hosted with the Rotaract club. It was decided that the gavel club will coordinate the events and speakers. A tentative date of June 15th was set for this event. The next point to be discussed was about a joint project with the university of Moratuwa toastmasters club.
Next in the agenda was the most important event of the Gavel Calendar, Speak Olympiad 2009. It was decided to stage the preliminaries on 29th September, semi-finals on 7th of October. According to the agenda the next point to be discussed was the Gavel website. It was decided to keep it simple but updated. The launch of a gavel blog was also proposed. Malaka was appointed as the webmaster of the website and blog. The next point to be discussed was the gavel orientation for the incoming batch. It was decided to organize it in a more interactive manner to entice more members to the club. The next point to be proposed was to conduct an inter-faculty debate contest. It was decided to appoint kandasamy as project chair. The date was decided as the final week of November. The final point to be discussed was the ways and means to increase the dwindling club membership. It was decided to visit the students at the lectures and educate them about toastmastering. It was also decided to invite prominent toastmasters to the club in order to make the club meetings a more enriching experience.

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