With a comprehensive re-orientation program and well coordinated guest leccture the 80th meeting of the club was a major success.

About 30 new members attended, encompassing all faculties of the university.

Given the time constraints, prepared speech session had to be cut off from the agenda.

The topicsmaster, praveen did a great job by providing well balanced, thought provoking and fun topics.

The toastmaster Harinda did a wonderful job by providing a much thought about topic for the round robin session.
The speeches by Namal, pasan and prasanna was able to leave the audience in a hail of laughter.
The Table topics evaluation by erangi was comprehensive .

The star event was the guest talk by Mr. M Z M Saleem. It was very humorous , entertaining as well as inspiring. He reminisced about his life in the university and related how enhanced communication skills helped him to climb the career ladder.


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  1. Shouldn't be putting the photos down from the start of the article. Some text before it should be good.

    Anyway, where's the "about gavel club", "history", "contact" pages ? I think they will be put up very soon.

    This is a great work, Gavellians; let's get some hits to that counter!

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