Orientation for the 09 batch a major success

The orientation for the 2009 Engineering Batch was concluded on a successful note yesterday. Three sessions were conducted within a time of one hour.

The session started with a two minute serious video about the activities of our club prepared by Sasika.
First the club was introduced by the president in convincing style. Then a small game was conducted , where two volunteers were called forward and asked to do a speech on a topic given to them at that moment itself by the game master praveen. After the two speeches were concluded a vote was taken to find the best speaker. Then both volunteers were gifted a box of chocs.
Then a motivational speech was done by ajanthan. It was to make the students understand that this was not an elite club for a few selected, but a club where people who want to learn to speak in English in public get together to improve their speaking and leadership skills. Ajanthan mimicked jamaican , indian and chinese accent to show that we need not be ashamed of the way we speak english. This left the audience in hails of laughter. His speech was inspirational as well as fun.
The session ended with a fun video showcasing all the fun activities we do as the gavel club.

The orientation was a major success(better than the last three that i experienced) so we will have to expect a full house for the meeting on monday. Infact i fear that atleast 300 will be there and that we will face a major logistic issue. incase this happens a backup program will have to be initiated.