Speak Olympiad 4 preliminaries

It was a great day for the budding undergrads of the university. 37 competitors competing toe to toe for a place in the semi finals of SO4.

All were great but only 12 were lucky to get choosen. Even though 25 did not get selected, they understood their weaknesses and got an experience of a lifetime. That is what counts. We need to go out their and do it, and only by doing so can we improve, sitting back and thinking will not be enough for us to succeed.

Here are the highlights.

I am a legend by Chathuranga kannangara

Mirshad “Truth”

Tharindu Randeny

confused by Niles Perera

I found it by imalka/manel ?

Life is but a dream by Amila indunil

Jealous moments by Venuja Mihirani

Half life by praveen