By Dileepa Karunarathna, Assistant Director, Public Utilities Commission of Lanka.

Home away from home…  By Dulini Yasara Mudunkotuwa, Doctoral Candidate, University of Tokyo

My Experience of Gavel & how gavel helped me.  by Muhammad Ramshad


By Chamath Jayaweera
Charter VP – Membership 2005/2006
Structural Engineer – The Design Group Five International (Pvt) Ltd.
Managing Partner – Akves Engineering Solutions

 By Dilini Baranasuriya 
Associate,  Goldman Sachs Futures Pte Ltd. Singapore

I joined the Gavel Club in the year 2005 when I was a fresh undergraduate in university. My first meeting was a memorable one as I had to give my ice breaker speech. Although I wasn’t expecting good comments from the evaluators, the feedback I got was very positive and motivating. This culture of positive and constructive feedback was one reason that kept me going to the club. Afterwards I was lucky to go on a long journey until I was president of the club in year 2007-2008. Continuous learning we had within the club in giving prepared and impromptu speeches and the experience gained by participating in different events of Toastmasters was invaluable in moulding my personality. Obviously the guidance gained on improving communication and leadership skills were invaluable life lessons which helped me in many years down the line even after University. The club gave me vast amount of self-confidence and challenged me in many ways during the time I was a member. All of these were definite value additions personally and professionally. Even after all these years I fondly recall the time spent in the club with all its enthusiastic members. It was a place of opportunity, challenges, friendship and family. You just need to go grab hold of it!

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