At last, a Gavel Meeting! After almost 4 months of boredom!
It was like a rain drop in a drought to see getting an invitation to the 145th
Gavel meeting. Everyone seemed very excited about the chance they got to meet other fellow Gavellians. 
It was indeed a great day to have the gavel meeting since
it’s world forgiveness day. Though the meeting was not crowded as usual, it
turned out to be one of the most exciting meetings we ever had. 
Roles for the
day were as followed.
Toastmaster – Sirimevan
Table Topics Master – Chandima
General Evaluator – Damith
Ah counter – Nirmal
Timer – Raja
Grammarian – Amila
Table Topics Evaluator – Pasan
Prepared Speech Evaluator – Niles
Table topics session was exciting than a roller-coaster
ride. Fun-filled informative speeches flooded the stage. Talented speakers kept
the session alive and frisky with their wonderful speeches.
Later, the meeting was embellished by Kennedy with his 6th
Speech ‘I have a dream’. He carried a very profound meaning throughout his
speech; Don’t be afraid  to follow your
Before concluding the meeting, Gavellians got the
opportunity to witness a session on Negotiation Skills done by Niles and
Nirmal. Moreover all of us got to know a technique called “Who’s triangle is

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