Gavel Orientation

Gavel Club of the University of Moratuwa has long served as a foundational platform for countless aspiring speakers and leaders, fostering qualities such as self-expression and confidence. For generations, it has been the nurturing ground for individuals seeking to develop their communication and leadership skills. Now, as the curtains rise on a new chapter, it is time to welcome the next generation into the warm embrace of the Gavel family.image3

At Gavel Mora, progress and growth are driven by its dedicated members, each holding a unique and valued place within the vibrant community. The Gavel Orientation event signifies the beginning of a transformative journey, where newcomers are not only received with open arms but are also encouraged to reveal their true selves, unlocking their potential as future leaders and eloquent speakers. As this exciting journey unfolds, the club pays homage to its rich traditions while looking forward to a promising future where the Gavel legacy continues to thrive.