Speaker’s Odyssey

“Speaker’s Odyssey” is akin to a speech crafting workshop, where attendees are guided through the fundamental steps of creating and delivering impactful speeches. It’s a significant stride toward becoming a persuasive and eloquent public speaker. As participants navigate this odyssey, they uncover the hidden potential within them, slowly but surely transforming into confident public speakers. The event is a treasure trove of valuable tips and insights on the art of public speaking, carving a path toward excellence that ultimately culminates in the Speech Olympiad.image1

In the present moment, the Gavel Mora community is immersed in the world of “Speaker’s Odyssey,” honing their oratory skills and embracing the journey to becoming compelling speakers. This event exemplifies the spirit of Gavel Mora, where individuals come together to empower one another, learn, grow, and strive for excellence in the realm of public speaking. This event serves as a powerful platform for continuous development in the art of oratory, and it’s led by none other than our experienced Gaveliers, who generously share their knowledge and expertise.