Savouring Memories: Gavel Alumni Reunion 2024

By Saai Syvendra

Memories swirled like steam from a cup of hot tea as I nervously stared at the empty Zoom meeting. This was the Gavel Alumni Reunion, an event where past and present members would reconnect. It promised a casual, nostalgic vibe, but with our alumni scattered worldwide, could an online gathering truly capture the essence of a reunion? That’s where the organizing committee’s creativity shone, titling the event ‘Plain Tea & Hoppers’ to encapsulate the intended atmosphere.

As the clock ticked towards 6:30 PM, I observed the vacant Zoom meeting, engulfed in silence, and the looming disappointment of a potential failure. Each passing second felt like a hammer blow to our already deflated spirits. 06:31, 06:32, 06:33… And the time continued to pass, devoid of any signs of life. Then, a beacon of hope emerged as we welcomed our first alumni member, followed by another, and soon, the once silent Zoom meeting buzzed with laughter and stories—reminiscent of a casual chat over plain tea and hoppers. This moment breathed a sense of fulfilment into our past weeks’ efforts, leaving only the task of delivering an energy-packed meeting.

After a few minutes, Gavelier Umesha, the president, initiated the meeting and passed control to me to steer it forward. We kicked off with the “Table Robin” – a fusion of table topics and round robin. Each speaker selected one of three topics: ‘The Funniest Gavel Memory,’ ‘The Gavel Moment You Want to Relive,’ and ‘The Life Lesson Gavel Taught You.’ What ensued were magical moments, where memories were exchanged and relived. Through sharing anecdotes, we gleaned insights into our organization’s history and evolution. The gavel emerged as more than a symbol of authority, nurturing camaraderie and personal growth. These shared reminiscences elicited laughter and nostalgia, deepening our collective appreciation of our journey.

Following this nostalgic journey was a game that unexpectedly engaged all the alumni in their competitive spirit. Participants had to guess the title of a song snippet played, earning points for their respective batches. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as alumni tapped into their competitive instincts. With each snippet, the chat erupted with guesses, fueling a sense of friendly rivalry among the batches. What began as a simple game swiftly transformed into a spirited contest, showcasing participants’ music knowledge and typing skills.

As the virtual reunion drew to a close, we were awash with a myriad of emotions. From the nervous start of an empty Zoom room to the joyous chatter and laughter that filled it, the journey was unforgettable. “Plain Tea & Hoppers” united us in unforeseen ways, demonstrating that distance couldn’t diminish our bond. As we bid farewell, we carried with us the memories, laughter, and connections that rendered the event truly special. Here’s to more reunions and shared moments in the future, perpetually guided by the spirit of the gavel.