150 and still batting…

Life is full of mysteries, that’s what makes our lives
lively and enjoyable. These mysteries might manifest themselves as a long
unseen friend of yours, your first crush or even something you might not
expect. 150th Gavel meeting was one of these mysterious moments of
life, because most of us didn’t expect the meeting during Hands in Hand 2012.

We were enjoying an exciting game hosted by Thenuwan.
Suddenly Niles appeared with a mysterious smile and asked us to join him inside
the room. Thereafter we were taken through a video; the journey Gavel has
embarked on so far.  Then only Niles gave
out the surprise; the 150th Gavel meeting
The meeting started with the National Anthem led by Pasan.
Thereafter Gavel president, Niles Perera introduced the ToastMaster for the day
and that was our club’s famous Tennis player, Kanna. Next Ah-counter, timer and
the grammarian were introduced by the toastmaster; Thushan, Isuru Pasan and
Hasini respectively. Kanna came up with a very interesting and burning topic
for the day for the round robin session; “Who is the sexiest person in this
audience?” After everyone giving their 20 second speeches, Raja and Hasala
turned out to be the people who received most votes as the sexiest person.   Then,
Sirimevan (Topicsmaster) introduced the topics for the day. These topics were
strongly coupled with our bellowed Gavel Club. 
Most of the senior Gavel members delivered their marvelous speeches on
these topics. Few speakers were, Hasala, Sunera, Harinda, etc. Then, the
ah-counters grammarian’s and timer’s reports were delivered. After that meeting
came to a conclusion with Kanna‘s final words.
the Gavel meeting
Then the most special moment came. A tasty cake was waiting
to celebrate 150th milestone of the Gavel club. The candles were
blown off by the present president.  And
the first piece was offered to Niles by the immediate past president, Channa
ayya giving the first piece to Niles
Long live Gavel