173rd Gavel Meetiing

The arena of orators – Speech Olympiad VII, was getting
ready to crown the best speaker of the university for the year 2013.
Enthusiastic speakers were also gathering their thoughts and preparing to
deliver their best speeches making the dream to hold the Speech Olympiad Shield,
a reality. With the intension of lending a hand to those speakers next Gavel
meeting was held as a workshop. The guest speaker was none other than our
beloved Immediate Past President, the finalist of All Island Best Speaker 2011 Niles
The 173rd Gavel meeting was commenced by the
President Pasan Pethiyagode at 5.20 p.m at CSLR on 24th of June
2013. After the national anthem the President introduced the Toastmaster for
this special workshop. He was Rukshan Maliq. Then time was for the round robin
session. This was a great chance to gavelliers and especially for presented non
gavelliers to warm up themselves and have the experience of an impromtive
speech.  Then the stage was open for a
grand show. The winner of the Speech Olympiad VI, Sirimevan Jayasundara was
called upon to the stage to entertain the gathering with his wining speech. The
room was echoed with applause given to Srimevan at the end of his speech.  It was indeed a fabulous speech.
How to make such a wining speech was the next question came
to most of heads in the audience. Niles Perera the guest speaker was ready to
answer the question. He presented a fantastic presentation on “How to prepare a
wining speech?” It answered each and every question a novel speaker would have
in a detailed manner providing dozens of tips. He explained everything from
selecting a topic to delivering a speech. There is no doubt that it was a worth
attending meeting.

Control was returned to the President by the
Toastmaster.  Another productive Gavel
meeting met the end of it at about 8.15.