245th Meeting

By Hashan Nirvan Rahubaddha

Designed by Niluxsi Puvanenthiran
Designed by Niluxsi Puvanenthiran

“Through the times of both adversity and prosperity, through darkness and light, she’s the one truest friend we all blessed to have. When the whole world fails us, when the whole world desserts us she’s the guardian angel who’ll stand right beside us and cause peace and happiness to return to our hearts” were the words echoed through the ENTC Seminar room on 21st May, 2015 during the 245th Gavel meeting of University of  Moratuwa which was held under the mothers’ day theme.


President, Vibhanu  Arachchige  started the proceedings by welcoming everyone who was present including the newcomers who had turned up in numbers to make it a full house meeting and further went on to describe the traditions of  Gaveliers and how the club will turn their fear of public speaking in to their passion.

Later Nuran Arachchi took over the proceeding as the Toastmaster for the day and invited all new members to introduce themselves. During the Round Robin session Gaveliers shared their “most memorable mother moment”. It was followed by a lively Table Topics session headed by Chathuranga Amunugama who had come up with an excellent blend of topics. Staying in line with the theme of the day, many spoke about their mother under whose love and affection they’ve become whom they are today and how her caring and protective guidance has helped them to overcome the obstacles and difficulties on their journey to the university.

Through the descriptive and uplifting evaluations by Thilina Madumal and Vibhanu Arachchige, applauded the speakers and offered valuable advices on how to take their abilities to a higher level. As the role players’ reports were read the proceedings of another successful and cheerful Gavel meeting came to an end and we all dispersed with the promise of meeting again.

Role players for the day:-

Toastmaster – Nuran Arachchi

Table Topics Master – Chathuranga Amunugama

Timer – Dulip Rishan Jayamanne

Ah counter – Piyumi Bandaranayake

Grammarian – Rochelle Silva

General evaluator – Buddhika Kithmini Senevirathne

Table topics evaluators – Vibhanu Osanka Arachchige, Thilina Madumal

CL evaluator- Vibhanu Osanka Arachchige