Unilever Future Leaders’ League 2016, is a dynamic marketing competition, where aspiring young brand managers get the opportunity to compete against like-minded future leaders from over 30 countries.

The local leg of Unilever’s Global Future Leaders’ League, the Unilever Challenge, is a unique competition that tests the ability of undergraduate students to conceive and implement a brand strategy for world renowned brands, while also contributing towards the Global Goals for Sustainable Growth.

Having commenced in November 2015, attracting 115 teams, 4 teams were finally picked for the finale and given the opportunity to execute their big idea over a period of one month. These teams then presented their case to a panel of judges from which the winners were then chosen.

Gavelier Merl Chandana
Gavelier Aadhil Fazlulhaq

Two Gaveliers from the Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa, Merl Chandana and Aadhil Fazlulhaq, represented the University of Moratuwa at the recently held National Finals of Unilever Challenge 2016.

Gavelier Merl Chandana, who is also the current President of the Club, was adjudged as one of the three winners who will be representing Sri Lanka at the Future Leaders’ League, in London, UK in April 2016 along with Aqeela Najeeb from the University of Colombo and Nevanka Jayatilleke from the Royal Institute of Colombo.

Speaking on his victory, Merl remarked that “You will never really know what life has in store for you, if you give up when it throws a few punches at you and sends you reeling on the canvas, just to see whether you can get up and are actually worth it. Ever since I began the Unilever Challenge tragedies and obstacles greeted me in all shapes and sizes. If it wasn’t for some amazing people who were by my side, supporting me and believing in me, more than I did in myself, this would NOT have been possible. They are too numerous to mention and my words won’t be doing them justice if I start describing each and every one of them.”

The Gavel Mora family congratulates our multi-talented Mr. President on this astounding victory and wishes him the best of luck to make our motherland proud at the Global Finale.

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