Mastering the Art of Public Speaking en route to SO XVI – “Embarking On Eloquence”

By Adeepa Kularathna

Gaveliers at Gavel Mora who have a passion for the magic of words and self-expression got a great opportunity to polish up their knowledge, recently. “Embarking on Eloquence” was a session organized by Gavel Mora to lend a helping hand to passionate individuals who are willing to succeed in the realm of public speaking. The event served as a glimpse into what the future of public speaking holds focusing on ‘Speech Olympiad’, offering a platform for individuals to articulate their thoughts and ideas. Leading them on this captivating journey was our very own Madhushika Munasinghe, who infused the experience with genuine delight.

DSC_0001Madhushika took the attendees back in time at the start of the trip by sharing stories. She recalled her early days at Gavel Mora, illustrating how she had progressed from being a novice to the confident speaker she is today. Her story served as a compelling example of how hard work and practice can truly transform a person.

Afterwards, Madushika’s mentee, Linoja delivered a captivating speech on the stage. She provided a vivid depiction of the complexities of friendship by likening it to breaking up with a best friend. The audience was captivated by her unique perspective on the theme. She cleverly stated that objects can also be one’s best friends, a sentiment that resonated with many.

DSC_0017After Linoja’s speech, Madhushika took over for an interactive session. She had the crowd help her write a speech by giving her examples. The message was very clear: “Journey is nothing, people are everything.” This set-up gave us an idea and showed us that the real value comes from the people we meet along the way.

But wait, that wasn’t the end of the fun! Madhushika proceeded to teach how to deliver a speech, breaking down the process into manageable steps and providing her own model for each one. The audience hung on her every word, leaving them inspired and eager to apply what they had learned.

DSC_0033The Q&A discussion that came next was a gold mine of ideas. When Madhushika’s fellow Gaveliers asked her questions, she gave replies that were like little gems. It felt like a quick crash course on how to improve as a speaker.

Afterwards, Umesha Tilakarathna, the president of the Gavel Club, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Madhushika and commended her for her exceptional guidance. The subsequent gesture of gratitude demonstrated their deep appreciation.

And the cherry on top? Amidst all this excitement, the attendees were treated to an exhilarating trailer for the Speech Olympiad. The audience was brimming with enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating their plunge into the world of public speaking.

DSC_0147As the curtains fell, I, who was the host of the session extended my gratitude to everyone for being a part of this incredible journey. The event concluded with a group photo capturing the infectious smiles, boundless energy, and unwavering enthusiasm of all in attendance.