FAQ – Speech Olympiad XIII

Frequently asked Questions – Speech Olympiad XIII

By Duneesha Ariyawansa








  1. What is Speech Olympiad?

It is a speech contest organized by the Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa(UOM) for the 13th consecutive time.

  1. Who can participate in it?

Anyone who is a current undergraduate of UOM.

  1. Can any other universities take part in the contest?

No. It’s exclusively for UOM undergraduates.

  1. Is it compulsory to be a member of the Gavel Club in order to participate?


  1. Is there a particular topic for the speech?

No. You are free to choose any topic as you wish, which is appropriate for an undergraduate.

  1. How long the Speech should be?

In between 5 minutes – 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

  1. Will I get a certificate of participation?

Yes, you will.

  1. Should I prepare the speech myself?

Yes. It should be an original creation by you. But you can always get assistance from mentors in the Gavel Club.

  1. How many rounds are there in the contest?

3 rounds: Preliminary round, Semi-final round, Final round.

  1. Should I make 3 different speeches at the 3 rounds, if I get selected?

No. Same speech or different speeches can be used to compete in the three rounds.

  1. When will the contest begin?

Deadline for the submissions of the preliminary round is 28th August 2020. A recorded speech video should be submitted for the preliminary round.

12. What is the first step I should follow to join the contest?

You should register yourself from the following link.


For further questions please contact;

Dulmi Fonseka – +94 76 225 4740

Hasindri Watavana – +94 76 698 1020


And here are a few CAMERA PREP TIPS which would be useful for your video submission!


Formal attire of plain colors; avoid patterned clothing.

Well-groomed hair/beard.


Since makeup helps to reflect light from your face; your expressions would be captured better.


Choose a well-lit space, to capture your gestures better; usage of natural daylight would be best.

Avoid shadows falling on your background; since they could cause distractions.


Select an empty background which will only highlight yourself.

Avoid distractions such as furniture, doors and windows.


Keep yourself in the middle of the frame; try to capture at least above the waist.

Better to use a tripod or a stand the laptop or phone on a table to avoid shaking of the camera.

Get the focus at your eye level; your head and body would be captured straight, without strange angles.


(Resource for the camera prep tips: Workshop conducted by T.M. Arfath Salem for the virtual speech competition “Illuminate-2020”)


Good Luck….See you there!